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From Tierra del Fuego to Alaska

The journey

In January 1994 I started my adventurous project with my horses Gaucho and Rebelde and my dog ​​Falko in southern Patagonia, crossing America on horseback. 20 years later in September 2013 I reached the destination Alaska  with my friend Sonja Endlweber: 

The idea

During a multi-year motorcycle trip, I literally changed saddles. Traveling with horses - that slow way of being on the move - fascinated me. My travel experiences with the motorcycle faded next to the new experiences with horses, this kind of travel made me completely happy.

Canada & Alaska


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Through the wilderness of Canada

In the spring of 2010 our journey began on the Canadian border and took us over four years through the wilderness of Canada to the border with Alaska.

Again we didn't want to ride along the streets, but through the wild backland. In the USA we followed a long-distance hiking trail, but in Canada we had to find our own way. First we were on forest roads and ATV trails, then on hunting trails and finally we followed the tracks of the moose and caribou.

In southern Canada we rode through the majestic mountains of the Rocky Mountains and through the national parks of Banff and Japser.

Rocky Mountains USA

June 2007 to September 2009

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The Continental Divide Trail (CDT) leads from the Mexican to the Canadian border through the USA. It is one of America's 8 National Scenic Trails. The CDT runs along the North American continental divide. This represents the dividing line between the tributaries of the Pacific in the west and the Atlantic in the east.

Central America


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The route: Panama - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Honduras - El Salvador - Guatemala - Mexico

With a spectacular flight, in which I would have preferred to inject the sedative myself rather than the horses, we leave South America, flew over Colombia, which was too dangerous at the time, and land in Panama, the country that Janosch says it smells like bananas.

South America


The route: Argentina - Chile - Bolivia - Peru - Ecuador

At the southern tip of America there is nothing. An immeasurable nothing. Excessive in width and brittle beauty. This is where my journey began. In Patagonia, a land of extremes, shaped by ice that is thousands of years old, high mountain peaks and endless steppe. Here, on Chilean territory, was the first highlight of the trip, the “Torres del Paine” National Park, one of the most beautiful mountain formations in the world. The snow-capped peaks, over 3,000 meters high, rise up like towers. The rough beauty of the park is shaped by the strong wind from southern Chile. Trees do not grow vertically, but develop horizontally, shaped by the wind blowing over them.


Günter Wamser and Sonja Endlweber

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